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What We Do

Providing Quality Interpreting

Our interpreters are certified, highly trained, have extensive experience with and passion for the communities we serve.

We offer specialized interpreting in the following areas:

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On Demand Video Remote Interpreting (VRI): Our goal is to maximize the accessibility of ASL content for your Deaf audience.
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Business: Having access to interpreting services will give your staff what they need to effectively move through their day.
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CART Services: Communication Access Real-Time Translation - subtitles for live discussions.
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Government: Accurate translations in government settings allow employees to complete essential job functions.
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Technical: For fields that have more complex and technical language, we have interpreters with the necessary knowledge for accurate translations.
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ASL Classes for Business: With expertly taught classes for your employees, tasks can be completed faster and easier.
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Our Services

Quality ASL Interpreting

Our mission is to advance equitable access through the provision of world class language access to the Deaf community.

On-Site & Remote Interpreting

TCS Interpreting and Captions provides qualified interpreters who are experts in American Sign Language and English interpreting and have extensive training and experience.  Our services can be provided on-site or remote. With on-site interpreting, the interpreter will be present in the same room as the speaker and allows for a more direct line of sight for those in attendance. Remote interpreting means the interpreter will be live streamed from a remote location and is perfect when parties are not in the same location.

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Video Remote Interpreting

iYellow Interpreting is uniquely qualified to provide Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services for your company. With over a decade of VRI specific experience, our team consists of top-quality interpreters, including Certified Deaf Interpreters (CDI) teams. Let us help you break barriers and provide equitable access.

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Government Interpreting

iYellow interpreters specialize in topics and terminology surrounding the government space. We provide specialized government interpreting at the local, state, and federal level for the communities we serve. Interpreters with expert knowledge of government-related proceedings is necessary for an efficient and productive workforce.

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High-Profile Interpreting

For high-profile interpreting, iYellow Interpreting provides the most sought-after Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) teams. They go above and beyond the challenge, offering professional interpretations when access is everything. CDIs typically have a lifetime of experience with American Sign Language and are guaranteed to provide unmatched language access. Our CDI teams have experience providing language access to the White House, Governor offices, foreign dignitaries, concerts, celebrity award shows, and more.

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Advancing Equitable Access

iYellow Group

TCS Interpreting and Captions is part of iYellow Group, a group of companies committed to breaking barriers in communication for the blind, Deaf, and DeafBlind communities we serve.

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Noteworthy Statistics

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Our values-based approach guides our decision making.

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