How is remote CART different than on-site cart?

The only real difference between remote and on-site CART services is, as the name implies, the location of our CART captioner. For on-site services, they will be available in person at the location of your event, meeting, or conference. They will listen to the event remotely and stream the captions online for remote services.

How is captioning provided for webinars?

If you have a live webinar, we have two main options for the delivery of captions. We can either provide a separate web link or an embedded iframe link. The iframe link can be used to place the captions directly over the webinar feed.

Can transcriptions be provided in real-time?

Yes! Thanks to the latest communication technology and high-speed networks, captions and transcriptions are available with almost no delay.

Do you do one-on-one services?

Yes. For one-on-one services, we display captions on laptops, monitors, phones, and tablets. For larger groups, we can show them on multiple devices at once, a large screen everyone can see, or both.

How are captions received for remote CART services?

TCS Interpreting and Captioning uses a high-speed network to stream captions directly to the viewers. Every viewer will need only a device such as a monitor, phone, or tablet and an internet connection.

How can captions be displayed?

Captions can be displayed in numerous ways, typically regarding convenience and client preference. Our most common methods include streaming it to devices held by viewers and large screens placed at the event.

How accurate are CART services?

Our CART services are highly accurate as our providers are professionally certified. This means they meet the requirements of typing up to 260 words per minute with an accuracy of no less than 98%.