TCS Interpreting and Captioning firmly believes in providing equitable access and better communication to all. Webinars and virtual conferences can prove difficult for numerous groups of people without proper captions, so we at TCS provide professional and accurate captioning services to improve accessibility.

What is Video Captioning?

For our video captioning services, we will use a stenotype machine to translate all of the spoken words into text, allowing viewers to read along throughout the event. This is offered for both live and recorded webinars.

If the webinar or virtual conference you’re hosting is live, we will provide a web link allowing viewers to see the captioning in real-time. We use advanced communication technology to reduce delays drastically.

Another option is an embedded iframe link. This method shows the captions right on the webinar. Some other platforms that allow us to display captions directly over the video include:

  • Zoom
  • WebX
  • Adobe Connect
  • GoTo Webinar
  • Teams
  • Slack

Recorded videos needing captions will include a transcript and time codes provided by our captioners. They will be exported into a caption file (.TTML, .SMI, .SCC, . SRT).

What are the Benefits of Video Captioning?

Video captioning services provide convenient accommodations for those who would otherwise not have the necessary access, such as Deaf people, those who are hard-of-hearing, the elderly, people who speak English as a second language, and more. At TCS Interpreting and Captioning, we aim to give people everything they need to experience equal opportunities for success.

Need Webinar and Video Captioning?

We are always looking to raise the bar of what is expected. Our webinar and video captioning services are another step toward doing that. If your business or organization is searching for captioning or CART services, contact TCS Interpreting and Captioning today to get started.