For high-profile interpreting, TCS Interpreting and Captions provides the most sought-after Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) teams. They go above and beyond the challenge, offering professional interpretations when access is everything. CDIs typically have a lifetime of experience with American Sign Language and are guaranteed to provide unmatched language access. Our CDI teams have experience providing language access to the White House, Governor offices, foreign dignitaries, concerts, celebrity award shows, and more.

What is High-Profile Interpreting?

Jesse Conrad providing high-profile interpreting services next to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who is speaking from behind a podium.
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Since the passage of the ADA over 20 years ago, the Deaf community has made great strides in upward mobility. Whether you need an interpreter for a high ranking Deaf individual or to interpret a high-profile event, TCS Interpreting and Captions have the skills needed for any high-profile setting.