Captioning or CART is a necessary communication method to ensure a complete experience through access to the spoken word. TCS Interpreting and Captioning strive for equitable access by breaking barriers to communication through CART and captioning services.

What is CART?
What is Captioning?

CART stands for Communication Access Realtime Translation and is used interchangeably with Captioning. CART or captioning is the art of capturing the spoken word in a written transcript. While the speaker talks, a CART Captioner will use a stenotype machine with phonetic shorthand to display text in real-time.

The shorthand is translated by the machine’s software, instantly changing it to standard English. This allows the CART Captioner to keep up with the speaker's speed easily.

How is CART/Captioning provided?

CART/Captioning is often used in group training, conferences, meetings, conventions, and classrooms. It can be done both on-site or remotely.

Our captioning services are scheduled in advance, and a writer is assigned. Prior to the session, setup of the captioning environment is reviewed. Then, the writer will verify that the audio communication is working properly. We are able to provide live captioning for your webinars through Zoom, Webex, Adobe, Gotowebinar, and more.

The captions can be viewed on various screens, including phones, tablets, monitors, laptops, and a large screen projected for the entire audience to see. The captions can also be embedded directly onto a video for better retention.

To effectively utilize CART and captioning services, it's important that only one person speaks at a time, and they must speak at a pace that is natural and not hurried.

What are the Benefits of CART and Captioning?

CART and captioning services provide an accessible experience for all attendees by making the spoken word accessible in a written format. Whether they are attending in-person or remotely, written translations ensure equitable access allowing for full participation. Main benefits include:

  • Improved Retention & Comprehension
  • SEO indexing
  • Accessibility
  • Enhanced experience for ESL viewers